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MrFix Putrajaya: Samsung S8+ Plugin Replacement

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Why do you need a plugin replacement? Several days before, there was one customer came to our shop and talking about his phone problem. he mentioned that his phone is having trouble to charge. once the cable is connected to the port, there’s no current flow and the percentage didn’t rise as well, until his phone is totally shut down.

So he came to our shop and insisted if his battery is having problem. After doing some check up, it turned out that the problem is with the charging port, so our technician advice him, that he’s phone need a plugin replacement.

After some time, our technician is done with the plugin replacement, and our customer’s phone is functioning as usual. After completed the payment he left with a big smile.

If your phone’s charging port is having the same problem, there were several thing you need to check if your phone didn’t charge:

  1. you didn’t switch on the fuse or plug.
  2. There’s some dust in the port.
  3. The charging port ribbon is loose.
  4. There might be some problem with the cable/battery.

After that, if you are confirmed that you’re having the same problem and you need a plugin replacement, you can come to our shop, and our technician will surely serve you well.


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